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Getting Started


Blazor Templates and Components

Use ServiceStack.Blazor Templates and Components to rapidly develop Blazor Web AppsLearn more


Fast, SEO-friendly, Blazor Static Rendered Apps with Vue

The new Blazor Vue template is ideal for building Fast, SEO-friendly, 100% statically rendered Blazor Web Apps where all its dynamic functionally uses Vue.js and the Vue Components library to progressively enhance Blazor's statically rendered content - eliminating Blazor's current limitations of being able to use Blazor SSR to develop an entire App without any Blazor Interactivity downsides.


Blazor Tailwind App for .NET 8

ServiceStack's new Blazor project template takes advantage of .NET 8 Blazor's new features that redefines modern Web Development in C# which we explore in this video overview, covering how the template adopts Blazor's familiar ASP.NET Core Identity and Entity Framework for its authentication, utilizes the modern Tailwind CSS framework for beautiful responsive design and adopts .NET's best-practice Docker Containerization support for its built-in GitHub Action Deployments - enabling a simple ready-made CI solution for deployment to any Linux Host via SSH and Docker compose.


Rapidly Develop Beautiful Apps with Blazor Tailwind Components

The ServiceStack Blazor components for Blazor WASM and Server Rendered Apps are a powerful set of tools that enable developers to quickly and easily create interactive data grids from their AutoQuery services using minimal code.

These components can be styled with Tailwind CSS, enabling creating professional-looking custom applications.


Create Beautiful UX optimized Blazor Apps with Auto Admin pages

We walk through the process of creating admin screens using ServiceStack Blazor Components by looking at our Blazor Diffusion App as an example which generates AI artworks using Stable Diffusion and curates a gallery of amazing visuals.

With the ServiceStack Blazor Components, we'll show you how to quickly create a powerful and intuitive admin interface for managing the application data, with minimal coding required.


Universal Blazor API Components for Blazor Server and WASM

We walk through the process of creating universal Blazor API components for Blazor Server and Blazor WASM using the ServiceStack.Blazor library.

We'll show how Developers can create UI components that can be shared between their Blazor applications without worrying about the hosting model used. This allows developers to streamline their development process and reduce the amount of code they need to write, making it easier to build and maintain complex Apps.


Creating Beautiful Blazor Apps with Tailwind

We tour the Blazor Web Assembly template that utilizes Tailwind CSS, and show you how to set up hot reload for both during development.

Tailwind CSS is a popular utility-first CSS framework that provides a comprehensive set of pre-defined CSS styles, enabling developers to create modern and responsive designs with ease.


Beautiful Blazor Tailwind Components with Darkmode

We walkthrough the ServiceStack Blazor Components support for Darkmode. Our Blazor Components provide a suite of powerful, pre-built UI components that are easy to use, customizable, and can be used to build high-performing, responsive web applications.

The components support both Blazor Server and Blazor WASM, and are designed to work seamlessly with ServiceStack's features, providing a simplified and integrated developer experience.